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Boys Like Girls and Escape the Fate Conspiracy Theory.

Alright so I have come to the conclusion that Boys Like Girls and Escape the Fate are out to get me. They got together after Warped in Minnesota and conspired against me. They decided that neither one of them were going to come to Kansas City on their fall tour just because of me. It is all  a plan to make me cry or piss me off. 

Stupid Boys.
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I want to invite everyone over to check out a fast growing RPG that my friend and I run. It is an AU Slash RPG set in a Chicago apartment complex. The setting gives everyone the freedom to develope their characters as they wish. There are a few rules so before applying we ask that you read them. We are pretty easy going and just want to have fun. However, a few rules are necessary to keep things running smoothly. The fallowing is a list of take, held, and wanted characters. Please review the list before applying to make sure that the characterr you would like is not taken.